Monday, October 13, 2008

Evil Rising

A little while ago, I blogged about Authonomy, an online community for authors (and readers) developed by Harper Collins. And I posted a sample of my sci-fi comedy on there for the sake of feedback and to see if I stood any chance of making it to the Editors Desk and the attentions of the all-powerful Publishers.

Almost four weeks on and I'm very happy to say that the site has been a big hit with me and my book, Evil UnLtd (TM) has been a big hit with the site. There's still a ways to go - 18 days now before Harper Collins pick off the top 5 books for their inspection. Evil is currently at No.2 in the chart, but other books are on the rise all the while. So it's important I still promote, plug and promote some more. But what the exercise has achieved for me, even in this relatively short space of time, is invaluable. In terms of the comments and feedback (97%! positive thus far), suggested edits, the reading to be sampled and friends to be made, not to mention a much-needed morale boost and restored confidence in my writing and the notion that, yes, maybe I do have something here.

So if anyone fancies an (apparently) entertaining read, go on over and check it out - and of course give it your vote by promoting it to your bookshelf. You'll have to sign in as a member to comment on books and/or vote for them, but it's worthwhile whether you're a fellow author or just an avid reader. Not only do you get to sample upcoming talent, you get some say in which talents are upcoming.

Imagine the power! :)

Meanwhile, other books I'm currently recommending include: Space by Alexander McNabb, Punchline by Paul Fenton, Tartare by M Trevelean, Barry Beeswax and The Seven Suspects by K Howard Bell and Darkness by J Kavanagh. Better yet, just go check out my bookshelf on the site and take your pick. Tell your friends.

And while you're there, you can always look in on Evil UnLtd(TM) and help it take over the world. Today Authonomy, tomorrow Harper Collins. Well, by the end of the month, we hope.