Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Prefect SlogI know. It's not an anagram. All the good ones have been done already, so I've cheated. But it does at least sound like a means of padding out pants, which is as good a review of Torchwood as springs to mind. This week's was a bit better, but Torchwood has all the grabbing power of one of those arcade machines with the claw, where it tries and tries but just can't get a hold of the prize. Never mind. It could get better and rather than spend any more time or effort discussing it, I figured I'd rather waste some time wondering what we might have ended up with if all shows went down the same anagrammatical route when concocting their spin-offs.
Filefry: Government cover-up.
Filth-e-Sex: Not sure what it's about, but you know you're going to watch.
Farie The Bumpy Fly Saver: Fairly self-explanatory.
Crapsafe: Someone plans to break into the vault containing all the universe's crap.
Stagger Sat-1: A weapons platform with a wobbly orbit.
Lactic Rat Tablet Saga: It's anybody's guess.


Stuart Douglas said...

SAF:"Someone plans to break into the vault containing all the universe's crap"

AKA The Pip and Jane Baker Archive

SAF said...

Ha! I was thinking about adding something suitable there, but I don't think I could have done any better than that :)