Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Amazon Shorts

Prefect SlogHappy New Year to one and all. Meanwhile, as of December last, a selection of short stories of mine have been made available as Amazon Shorts. Which are kind of like Bermuda Shorts, but available electronically. But no, seriously, for a mere $0.49 anybody resident in the US can read and enjoy the stories to their heart's content - and they'll be available online for the next six months. I'm hopeful that if the whole Amazon Shorts programme is a success, the other Amazon sites - like, for example - will adopt similar programmes. For now though, it'll be a reasonable outlet for me to promote a few original (and totally non-Doctor Who) writings and, who knows, help raise my profile a little. Added to which, I'm married to an American, so if nothing else I should have a few US friends and relations who should be taking advantage of this golden opportunity to read my stuff at the earliest opportunity! :) For now, all UK readers can do is take a look at the tantalising blurbs on the US Amazon site and see what a nice job they've done on the 'covers'. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

UK readers can also mail Amazon and suggest that the Shorts programme is extended to these shores sharpish.

I just got a reply which in part reads

"At Amazon it is our goal to offer you the best selection at the best
prices, regardless of where you live. However, copyright law
prohibits the selling of foreign editions when a local publisher has
acquired the rights to that item."

which isn't entirely useful...

SAF said...

Hmm. I'd have hoped for something a little more helpful... 10/10 for effort though, Stuart.