Monday, February 26, 2007

Martin Scores Oscar

The Oscars are a funny business. They're often rendered meaningless as any mark of quality by the kinds of movies they're awarded to. And yet, for some reason, it still mattered that Martin Scorsese never got one and now that he has, I feel compelled to commemorate the occasion. I've not seen The Departed yet (largely because, as a remake of Infernal Affairs, a movie I thoroughly enjoyed, I can't imagine the story will hold many surprises for me), but I will get around to it eventually and I'm sure I'll be able to tell then whether it's a Scorsese movie that, remake or no, deserves such special recognition. It can't possibly be better than Goodfellas, obviously. And maybe these Best Picture and Best Director Oscars are just the ones Marty should have won for that movie, slightly overdue. To be honest, it was one of those oversights that was getting to the stage where it didn't matter which movie he won one for. But that's not to take anything away from The Departed or the achievement. Well done, Marty.


Stuart Douglas said...

The shame is that, having given Scorcese an oscar he should have received years ago, the Academy couldn't really give O'Toole one in the same year since that would have been perceived more of the same (even it wasn't and O'Toole was majestic).

And O'Toole should have had the Best Actor gong forty years ago, not just 8 unsuccessfu nominations.

SAF said...

Yeah, the Academy will always be playing catch-up as long as it keeps overlooking the greats. Of course, it always has the Lifetime Achievement Awards to fall back on, but that can be seen as a 'Here's One I Should Have Given You Earlier' kind of thing. ;)