Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sonn Tag

Well, apparently it was back on Tuesday that I was tagged by Stuart - but in my defence, I only found out on Wednesday, and my excuse for the intervening four days is that I've been very busy. Still, the main thing is, I'm making the effort now, when I could be shooting aliens or blogging on topics such as Babylon 5 or my rapidly approaching birthday. Anyway, being as old and out of touch with the younger generations as I am, I'd not heard of tagging before, but this is how it works:

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write in their own blog about their eight things and include these rules in the post.
4. At the end of your post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

So, here are the best facts I have to offer on a Sunday night:

1. I have a dream of being a stand-up comic, but am far too shy and retiring to ever a) be any good or b) attempt such a thing.

2. Today I went to the local reservoir at Drift (nothing to do with my Doctor Who book of the same name) to feed the swans. There are about eighty of them, along with a couple of dozen geese and a handful of ducks. No matter how often I've seen them, I always find them an amazing sight.

3. I think I'm a mintaholic. I'm very partial to chocolate too, so combinations of the two are a surefire hit: After Eights, Mint Matchmakers, Mint Aeros etc. Mint Wispa was probably the best chocolate bar ever made and I'd like to know a) why they're no longer available and b) why they never made a dark chocolate version.

4. I'm very much a regular at the local harbourside cafe. I like to take some work along there and do some writing of a morning, even though we have just as spectacular a view from our window at home.

5. I'm a vegetarian, but after giving in to a craving for a bacon sandwich last Christmas, I've decided to make that an annual tradition as a concession to the carnivore in me. I'm not kidding, it was the best bacon sandwich in the world ever.

6. I've only ever given up on four books. Generally, I feel this compulsion to finish a book once I've started and will struggle on through many a duff read, no matter how much my senses scream at me to save time and move on to something better. I'm trying to break this habit though. Bad books be warned!

7. I have a compulsion to watch anything starring Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Love Hewitt. This is not a habit I am making any efforts to break.

8. I'm going to be 40 on Thursday.

Now, I'm in a pickle as to the tagging eight other people's blogs, since Stuart went and tagged most of the folks I know who have blogs, so my best bet is to a) pinch some from his list and b) see if I can add a couple. I'll also follow Stuart's example and not leave a comment on their blogs, because most of the people I know are probably at least as busy as me.

Mark C
Mark M
Simon BJ


Stuart Douglas said...

Julie's 40 tomorrow - must have been a good week for babies :)

As for bacon rolls, it's always one of them that trips up even the most dedicated of veggies.

SAF said...

Mmmm bacon rolls. Maybe I should make that a birthday tradition too. ;)

Meanwhile, Happy Birthday to Julie!

iCowboy said...

Okay, ignoring the fact it's been a long time since you posted, but I have to ask - what were the four book you gave up on? (And I have a horrible sinking feeling I at least recommended some of them)