Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

So you've greeted all your seasonings and securely tied your yules. And if you're anything like me, now comes the hard part: getting back to work, full of good intentions and a lurking curiosity at the back of your mind as to how long it will take this year for all those resolutions to dissolve in a puff of "Oh well, I tried." For me, getting back to work just involves switching back into a working frame of mind, although sometimes that feels just as tough as making yourself walk to an office in the morning! This morning it also involved returning to my (relatively recent) habit of taking a n early swim up at the local leisure centre. That was tough. And not only because of the extra weight I was dragging through the water! Where some things are concerned, it's probably easier not to take breaks at all.
Still, I know some folks already started back to work before Christmas week was over, so I'm not here for sympathy. Quite the opposite. I'm only here to offer a few words of cheer and encouragement, in the shape of best wishes to everyone for a Happy New Year. May 2008 bring you happiness, success in your endeavours and any heart's desires that don't clog the arteries.


Stuart Douglas said...

I'm not sure whether to hope we get more blog posts from you next year or not, since more time on your hands presumably means writing less :)

In any cse, HNY to you and Zoe - hope 2008 is a good one!

SAF said...

Cheers, Stuart. And don't worry. If Season 4 DW is as amazing as I anticipate, I'll take extra time out of my busy schedule to blog on each episode individually.

Ahem. ;)