Thursday, January 10, 2008

March Of The Puffins

It seems ages ago now, but the excitement of being commissioned to write a children's book - even if it was a case of ghost-writing and the finished product wasn't going to be sporting my own name - was nothing compared to the eager anticipation when I was told the book was going to be published by none other than Puffin and due for release in March 2008. Because, you see, it meant that, some day, I was going to be able to use that heading.
Well, now that I've gotten that out of my system, I can announce that the mysterious ghostwritten project in question is called Fright Night - The Shrieking Stones - under the rather unassuming pen name of Steve Rogers. Yes, that's me, folks. Well, it will be for the first two books anyway. It's intended as a series, with the second currently scheduled for release in September. After that, who knows. But buy it - for your kids, for yourselves, and perhaps in some small way, for me. :)
Anyway, just the fact that I'm to have something published by Puffin is enough to make me proud. Choughed, you might say.


nessie said...

Never heard of the series - is it only out in the uk? (am in canada)

Puffin though! Wow!

SAF said...

It's a new series, starting in March. I'd imagine Puffin books would be available in Canada, even if not immediately. I'll look into that. Thanks.

IZP said...

Puffin- that is distinctly fabulous. It's like passing a baton (in relay race terms, not... oh, never mind).
Well done you. Surely you're due one of those pesky TV tie-in hardbacks now (if you want it, obviously).

Stuart Douglas said...

Once you've done a couple of Puffins, the prospect of writing an NSA must seem terribly small beer :)

SAF said...

I've thought that. But on the other hand I wonder even if I ultimately soared to Rowling heights (where, of course, I'd dearly love to be :) ) could I say no to a Doctor Who? Time will tell! ;)