Monday, May 12, 2008

Doctor Pepper

Or, What's The Worst That Could Happen?

In the wake (entirely appropriate word choice, I feel) of Saturday's The Doctor's Daughter, I had a horrible idea. Some friends felt Jenny was a sure indication of another spin-off somewhere down the line. Whereas, my current theory on how this will all pan out, which is entirely wild speculation based only on what we know so far and thus not at all spoilerish, is:

Come end of series, they're going to do the unthinkable and kill the Doctor off, Jenny will step into his shoes, possibly inheriting the TARDIS (and I only throw that bit in because I recall that line about her being the reason the TARDIS went there), and we'll have a 'female Doctor' for a bit (possibly for the three planned specials?), but then after David Tennant's had his much-needed break, they'll regenerate the Doctor from his spare hand to which they keep returning our attention lest we've forgotten it.

Apologies to those who've read this before - sadistically, I posted it in a comment on Stuart's blog. But inspired by that, and because I'm having to amuse myself between arduous edits on an arduous project, I thought I'd invite other wild theories here to outdo the sheer horribleness of my own. So, as I said up top, What's the worst that could happen?

Your only prize is the, er, satisfaction of being right by the season finale. But if your theory is that horrible, clearly your satisfaction will be as limited as mine when the time comes!


Zoe said...

What's the worst that can happen? Why limit yourself to the purely possible when a whole realm of "I can't believe they actually did that" is on option:

The Doctor indeed visits Nirvana. Meanwhile, Donna, having lost her own hand in an unfortunate light sabre incident, awakens to find the Doctor's hand surgically attached to her wrist, allowing her to operate the TARDIS. Not wanting to go it alone, she chooses as her companions twin fat babies.

Stuart Douglas said...

I'm not even talking to you Simon!

Stuart Douglas said...

Apparently Tennant was seen snogging Ms Moffett in some club the other night, so I'm going for the Doctor deciding it's OK to marry a clone of yourself (there'll be an episode called, 'Not the Doctor's Daughter' to clear that up) and then having tons of babies all of whom grow up really quickly (in a Connor in 'Angel' sort of way) and end up dressing in super-hero costumes, working with the Doctor and Mrs Doctor to battle crime across the universe (but primarily Earth) in a TARDIS which has been fixed so that it now looks like the helicopter from Airwolf.

SAF said...

Heheh, I thought Zoe's would win the 'worst that could happen' title, but I have to admit anything involving anything remotely like Connor from Angel would have to be a contender! :)