Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wrong Turn

Just imagine: there's probably an alternative universe out there in which I *could* be arsed to write a review of last night's Doctor Who episode, Turn Left.


IZP said...

The question is whether writing it or not writing it would be a noble self sacrifice for the greater good.

SAF said...

Well, not writing it benefits me, which will do me fine :)

Stuart Douglas said...

Hee hee - so you loved it then?

SAF said...

Stuart: "Hee hee - so you loved it then?"

Insightful, that's what I like about you. :)

My second best breath-saving summation: a dull trawl through Rusty's Greatest Hits that didn't even make any sense.

E.g. Rose sends Donna to die, then asks the dying Donna to pass on a message. I admit I'm no temporal scientist, but I own up, I'm at a complete loss as to how that's supposed to work. And that's just confining myself to the one question. ;)

Stuart Douglas said...

I'm in two minds - I largely found it awesome it's silliness, but every time I think about it, I think of another stupid bit which - for all people keep trying to provide 'fixes' on mailing lists - annoy me more and more and remind me of Rusty's early season laziness and mild contempt for the audience.

SAF said...

Yeah, I can understand that. I guess this one was always going to be hard-pressed to dazzle me, given my dislike for alt-universe stuff in general, and this one especially turned out to be little removed from the "It was all just a dream" approach. But it had more problems than that, not least the (from where I was sitting) dull predictability of it all.

Never mind, massive fanwank on the way. Better get the tissues.

Er, in case there's a sad ending, I mean.