Monday, July 14, 2008

Stand-Up Comedy

Bill Bailey did the comedy, we did the standing up. To be fair, Bill was standing too for the duration of the concert and we didn't mind, because we were having such a great time. Rather like back when I was standing in the pouring rain, watching Peter Gabriel live at the Eden Project, I was having too good a time to notice. At least on this occasion the rain held off, so when we finally had to wind our way up the hill to the car park we could do so safe in the knowledge that we weren't going to be sticking to the car seats. Of course, it being a comedy show, there's no good way to relate the specifics and do them justice here - and more especially as it was Bill Bailey's random, rambling style - you had to be there! - but it's worth noting that, perhaps more than any other comic I know, it really did qualify as a concert. Somehow I tend to forget what a really good musician the fellow is, turning his hand to all manner of musical styles with ease. Suffice to say, there were bags - eco-friendly recyclable bags, I've no doubt, it being the Eden Project - of new material on offer, plus a selection of familiar favourites among the musical numbers in the encore. Laughs and singalongs too.

All of which is my roundabout way of saying, "We had a good time". So apologies to those of you who are left wondering why I couldn't have just cut to the chase and said that sooner! :)

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