Monday, December 08, 2008

Kip Doodle Flying High

Gone are the days when I used to just ramble on about the latest TV I'd watched. Yes, it's all been about authonomy lately, hasn't it. Well, don't worry, it's only until the end of this month.

Following the Harper Collins crit on Evil UnLtd and inspired by the very popular initial responses, I've been on something of a mission to see a second book of mine reach the dizzy heights of the Editor's Desk.

Kip Doodle And The Armchair Of Lost Dreams is a fantasy action adventure for kids of aged 8+ - and I'm happy to say plenty of adults have been enjoying it too.

Not least of whom was Eoin Colfer, author of the well loved Artemis Fowl books and the upcoming sixth book in the Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy series, who very kindly took a look at the sample chapters over at the site and had the following to say:

"the book reads great- a very strong idea- good pace too and sparkling characters- best of luck with it."

What a top fellow and a gentleman for replying to my humble email. Thanks, Eoin.

There have been other rousing recommendations and comments on the book, including reports of the very young readers the book - or should I say series, because it is intended as one - is aimed at.

So, Kip is flying high. And he's cleared for landing on that Editor's Desk. We're due to land by the 31st December. Which would make for a very Happy New Year, for sure. After which it will be just a matter of taxiing to the terminal building and maybe, when Harper Collins get a look at this quality commercial kids' book, he can make himself comfortable in the arrivals lounge.

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