Friday, April 17, 2009


When an author with a number of Doctor Who credits to his name says he's been busy on some new commissions for a Saturday night TV show, some Doctor Who readers might jump to certain conclusions. So I had best cut to the chase and just say, I'm pleased to announce that I've recently been writing not just one, but two novelisations for another Saturday night TV series entirely - the BBC's Merlin series. Thanks to the executive producers of the show who approved of my initial writing sample and gave me this opportunity.

It's my first foray into the world of the novelisation and it's renewed my respect and admiration for Terrance Dicks and all the work he did on those Target Doctor Who novelisations that were such a staple of my childhood reading. Back then, it was a case of filling in for the absence of video or any means of rewatching a favourite show. In this age of DVDs, it's quite a challenge to invest the story with extra elements and insights so that the book compliments what's on screen and offers an alternative to simply viewing the episode. I've been so busy in the past few months on these that I've even invented a new verb for it: Merling. And the experience has also afforded me the opportunity to work with some very lovely people at Random House, which has been great.

The first book, Merlin: The Dragon's Call is scheduled for release in September this year, timed to coincide with the return of the show to our screens. Book 4, Merlin: The Poisoned Chalice, my second book in the series, is due to follow a month later, in October. Watch this space for more news and of course I'll be adding links to the Amazon listings for both books as and when available.


IZP said...

Whey hey, you're Jac Rayner with a hat on! I want the two of you to collude to concoct a concealed new story arc in your novelisations which I hereby dub the Camelot Masterplan, and whosoever can it pulleth off, I henceforthwith shall dub the true-born king of cod-mediaevalist dialogue construction.

SAF said...

Lol. I'll have to have a word with Jac and see what we can come up with ;-)

Tom J said...

Simon - this is fantastic news. Well done.

Keefieboy said...

Wow! I've just done the reverse exercise, trimming a 300-page book into a 100-page screenplay, and, damn, it was hard. It must be even harder to inflate a screenplay into a novel, but congratulations and good luck.

PS: Authonomy is still poo.

SAF said...

Hey, good to hear from you Keefie! I think it's probably a heck of a challenge whichever direction you're working in - screenplay to novel, novel to screenplay. (Does this mean we can look forward to a Tybalt & Theo movie? ;-) )

(Not altogether surprised to learn that authonomy's about the same as ever!)