Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Blogs

There's nothing like the internet for blowing your own trumpet. Of course, with so many others doing the same it's like trying to make yourself heard in the midst of 76 Million Trombones. So what's the answer? Why, don't limit yourself to one instrument, of course.

Quite a while ago - late last year, I think - I set up 4dprefect's Blog as a platform for a few random creative bits and pieces, but after a few initial posts nothing was heard. I guess I ran out of puff. So what on earth do I want more blogs for?

Well, I gather quite a few writers are raising the profile for some of their work through blogging, so I really owe it to my material to do likewise. So, for the time being, I've set up 4d Evil and Tortenblog, which will play host to writings from, respectively, the worlds of Evil UnLtd (TM), my SF comedy, and Tortenschloss (TM), my YA fantasy. There's nothing on either site yet, but hopefully that will change soon and, with a bit of creative juggling (no mean feat when playing the trumpet) I may even get around to posting further morsels on 4dprefect's Blog.

Rambling, generally non-creative waffle will remain here where it belongs.


Phillipa said...

Tortenblog! Great name. Soon you'll have a stable of blogs, makes my head sore just thinking about it. I'm having a respite from mine to concentrate on writing, but you are right - seems like we all have to have one. I have my favourites, about twenty, which I do the rounds of (mostly mates from autho days, but others are creeping in)so not only do you have to write them you have to read them as well.

SAF said...

:-) I'll try to limit myself to a sensible number of blogs. I want to be heard, but I've no wish to flood the internet.