Friday, November 26, 2010

Merlignant Enterprises Competition

Merlignant Enterprises, something of a spin-off of Evil UnLtd, in that I just made them up, are offering 5 copies of The Nightmare Begins, my most recent novelisation for BBC's Merlin series. Which, if nothing else, has a picture of the lovely Morgana on the cover :-)

It may seem an oddly unrelated 'prize', but we can't really sign Evil UnLtd, what with it being an ebook, so our best alternative is to scrawl our moniker across a page of another of our works.

Anyway, we're offering two ways to win one of these books. (I'll only ever be signing these five so they are in that sense, a limited edition :) )

1) Write and post a review of Evil UnLtd Vol 1: A Root Of All Evil on (only $2.50) or (only £1.99!). You're under no obligation to be glowing either - just your fair and honest opinion will do. Email me the link to your review along with your Amazon invoice no. for the purchase of the ebook.

2) Email as many of your friends and contacts as possible telling them about Evil UnLtd - link to the FREE E-Shirt post on the Evil blog, or to the ebooks themselves on Amazon.Com, Amazon.Co.Uk or Smashwords if you like. BCC me in the email and whoever has sent word to the most contacts will win.

Note: my email address is available via my website, under Contact. And don't forget, even if you don't have a Kindle, you can download the software for FREE for reading on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android. And the Smashwords Special Edition is offered for a variety of ereader formats. And remember to let me know in your emails who you'd like the autograph made out to! (Perhaps you're parents of young Merlin fans, for instance, who might like a signed copy.)

Since reviewing will take longer and involves a purchase and a spot of critiquing, we'll be holding back three of the books for reviewers, while two will go to the top email marketers.

Closing Date 31st Dec 2010 for email marketers. 31st Jan 2011 for reviewers. Names of winners will be posted to this blog and I'll be happy to post links to their blogs or websites here, as a bonus.

Good luck and I'll be practicing my handwriting to make sure my autograph won't be too much of a scribble. :)


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