Monday, March 21, 2011

Books Plus Me

Every conquest of the universe has to begin somewhere. I suppose Evil UnLtd began theirs in the Kindleverse, back in October 2010. But now, of course, they have broken through into our reality in paperback form. And they - along with me! - are very fortunate to have found willing allies in their campaign for galactic domination.

Today I'd like to extend my (since they're Evil and not given to a great many expressions of gratitude) sincere thanks to the folks at Books Plus in Penzance, who graciously hosted my first ever book signing in an actual bookshop on Saturday (19th March).

Until then, I'd only signed books at a Doctor Who convention in LA, which was undoubtedly special, but signing something that is entirely your own and the beginning of your very own series, well, that's extra special. The kind people at Books Plus kept me well supplied in coffee throughout and, although I have no frame of reference for such things, it felt like a success to me.

Of course, now we're looking to arrange other book-signings, starting with bookstores around Cornwall, naturally enough. And, fingers crossed, expanding our Evil empire from there.

Many thanks to all those who turned up for a spot of chat and/or bought a copy. Hope you enjoy the read. And many thanks to those who were there in spirit, with support and encouragement from afar. For those in the Penwith area, there are signed copies still available at Books Plus, so hurry and get yours while stocks last. :-)

Alternatively, see here for other means of getting your mitts on a copy.

As one famous pepperpot-shaped evil being says at the end of Doctor Who's Genesis Of The Daleks, this is only the beginning...!



iCowboy said...

Good news! And you can now start working on a T-shirt giving your venue dates; London, LA and Penzance.

Now colour me confused, but where on earth did Books Plus fit you? It has to be one of the most cramped stores imaginable - there's barely room to breathe in between the shelves, let alone put a table + author.

iCowboy said...

And speaking of 'Genesis of the Daleks', you'll be wanting to get this:

Tracey Barnes said...

will pop down there today and buy one, many thanks Simon, we all wish you every success in the future xx

SAF said...

iCowboy: are you saying I'm fat? ;-) They found room enough for lil old me alongside the main counter.

And that is one cool action figure set. Can't wait til there's an Evil UnLtd action figure set too.

Tracey: brilliant, thanks, your support is hugely appreciated.