Monday, August 05, 2013

Paging Doctor Capaldi

What do I think of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor Who?

Not much.

Which is only to say, I've not seen him as the Doctor yet. But the difference with when they announced Matt Smith as the 11th is that back then I hadn't a clue who this fellow was (and then he went on to become the best Doctor since Davison - IMHO, as they say.) This time round, I'm familiar with Peter Capaldi's work and I have an idea what he can do with the role. And he still has the capacity to surprise - it's that kind of role, after all.

In an ideal world, I would have preferred not to know who the 12th Doctor was going to be and they'd just regenerate him on screen and pow, there you are, that's your new Doctor. But since that wasn't going to happen, this is good news.

Capaldi - all due respect, mate - qualifies as an older Doctor and that feels like a welcome departure. A change, m'dear. And, in one sense at least, not a moment too soon.

For one thing, I feel confident this should put a stop to any more Doctor-companion snogging. That was, like Sutekh in a time corridor, getting really old really fast.

So, welcome  to the TARDIS, Mr Capaldi. Eleven careful owners. (Okay, maybe twelve, since it was stolen in the first place.)

We know who is the Doctor. Now I'm very much looking forward to what kind of Doctor he gives us.


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laxmi aruzil said...

as I just said to you in the living room, my misgiving is only that he's mostly known for playing unlikeable characters. And I don't want an annoying Doctor. However, I recognize that this is a very talented actor and not limited to soulless corporate types or political weasels. And I appreciate that they've gone older (they could hardly have gone younger without in vitro). When Matt Smith took over, I approached his first episode with excited trepidation. I suppose this will be a rerun.