Monday, August 19, 2013


So a funny thing happened when our Series 7 rewatchathon arrived at the Christmas Special, The Snowmen. For one thing, it wasn't Christmas. It was a rainy Sunday morning in August. But I'm happy to report that neither the timing nor the weather significantly affected my viewing pleasure.

Aware that I'd reviewed the episode before, I popped back for a re-read and I can pretty much stand by everything I said before. So I can take the lazy option and just post the link to the original review.

It holds up wonderfully well on a second watch.

I think I found the whole one-word interview situation a bit more of a silly contrivance on this occasion and taken altogether with my impression of generally weak endings for too many of this year's episodes the resolution isn't quite the cracker it could - or should - have been. But I want to save further comment on that until I've completed my rewatch in case that overall impression changes. In any case it's probably entirely natural to be more forgiving at Christmas than at the height of a British summer.

It's still my favourite of the Christmas specials to date. And trust me, there aren't many Christmassy things you could induce me to watch in August.


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