Friday, December 05, 2014

More Advents In Time And Space No.5

Doctor Who Limerick Advent

No.5: The Faceless Ones

At the airport there's a big scare
Passengers go missing somewhere
Chameleon Tours
Abduct them by force
But they still outperform RyanAir

SAF 2014


Laxmi Aruzil said...

In a Gatwick-based CSI plot
Green men look like people they're not.
Chameleon's been naughty.
Cumber's mum is a hottie.
And Ben and Polly are left here to rot.

I should probably leave the writing to you, SAF.

Laxmi Aruzil said...

Oh, I can't resist!

An Unexpected Journey

A Hobbit his comforts he treasures
But Gandalf wears down poor Bilbo by measures.
He battles ponies and orcs,
Gets insulted by dwarves,
But it's the Eagles who really are pissers.

Desolation of Smaug

Little Bilbo is pushing his luck
When with Smaug he thinks he will ****.
Even with a magic ring
He steals not a thing.
Now the dragon is flying amok.

SAF said...

That's the first time anyone's posted alternatives. I approve :-)