Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Game Of Scones... And More!

Exciting news!

Grab a slice and pour yourself a cuppa.

For some while, I've been writing my Tortenschloss Chronicles short stories, serving up our fantasy fiction cakes in weekly slices, and a shorter while ago a friend asked me if I had any plans to collect them in book form. The answer, friends, is yes! Very soon!

In book form, the anthology will initially include twelve of the best tales, each with an accompanying illustration and some author's notes, providing insights into how my creative mind works. Scary, I know, but hopefully a nice little companion piece to each story.

Dependent on sales, I'm hoping to follow the ebook version with a paperback release later in the year and, fingers crossed, we'll be releasing the full fantasy novel Tortenschloss at around the same time.

As a bonus with the Kindle version, our plan is to add a couple of stories every 6 months, with illustrations and author's notes, so readers will continue to receive new stories as the Kindle version updates. Nice, huh? The bumper fantasy fiction anthology.

I wanted to call it the Neverending Story Collection, but have been advised against it for legal reasons, since it may one day end and people will sue me when the flow of free stories stops.

Even so, this has to be good news for anyone who likes a tasty slice of home-baked fiction. If I had the technology to include a cup of tea with your reading, I would.

The Tortenschloss Chronicles.

Coming to you this April. After you've stuffed yourself on Easter eggs.

Watch this space and spread the word.
SAF 2016

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