Friday, April 01, 2011

Evil 360

Naturally enough, it's always been our aim here at Evil UnLtd to take over the universe. So it's with immense (evil) pleasure that we can announce a new development that will allow us to expand our conquest into the virtual world. After all, why stop with reality?

Although dates have yet to be finalised and much development to be done between now and commercial release, we're proud to announce that the world will see an Evil UnLtd game, initially available for the XBox 360, but sure to spread like a contagion to other consoles.

If it weren't for our efforts to maintain a Dexter Snide-like dignity and aloofness, we'd be tempted to say this is the Most. Exciting. News. Ever.

The virtual Evil universe will offer a wide variety of gameplay, involving a great many challenges and profound moral choices - whether to be just moderately wicked or downright irredeemably Evil with a capital E. Play as one of the main Evil UnLtd characters or create your own villain and build your empire, all the while having to battle bothersome heroes and not so much avert universal disaster as bring it under your control and turn it to your advantage. Think Mass Effect meets Grander Theft Auto.

Watch this space for further news. Currently we're anticipating the first playable demos to be available as of next April 1st.



Kath said...

I can't tell you how excited I am by this news. I thought this day would never come and it is so great that I'll be able to enjoy my favourite denizens of Evil on my favourite gaming platform. I just can't believe how long I have to wait for the first release! Man. Still, a girl can get up to a whole lot of evil in that time... I'm sure I'll find something to do. ;-)

SAF said...

We at Evil UnLtd recognise that it is a long wait, but thoroughly recommend that people hold their breath until the game's release. :-)