Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy Ever Afters!

Someone left the cake out in an internet domain! Check out what we baked for you!

A short while ago in a galaxy close enough to this one to be considered pretty much the same galaxy, a friend of mine asked if I had any plans to release my Tortenschloss Chronicles in book form. My answer at the time was 'possibly', or words to that effect, but now that possibly has become reality.

We're pleased to announce publication of The Tortenschloss Chronicles ebook!

And this baby comes with FREE DLC. That's right: one purchase and we'll be adding to the stories contained in this collection.

Here's the cover blurb to explain and tempt you:



Welcome to the worlds of the Tortenschloss Chronicles.

These are worlds of Singing Swords, Prodigal Bulls and Extreme Unicorns. Of woolves and pandas and investigative jesters. Where bee-stings can be magical and cups can grant wishes without the aid of saucery. Where heroes might not always be heroic, but they will certainly be colourful.

This is a short story collection that will continue to grow after reading. Every few months, this Kindle version will be updated with two more stories, FREE bonus content, complete with accompanying illustrations and author’s notes. Just download when your device notifies you the updated version is available.

Pour yourself a cuppa and grab yourself several slices of fantasy adventure.

(Suitable for dunking.)



Now available for Kindle

The Tortenschloss Chronicles

And remember, you don't need to have a Kindle in order to enjoy this book. The Kindle app is free to download for PC and phones.

So go on. Treat yourself and tell your friends.

Enjoy some wholesome home-baked fantasy fiction.

SAF 2016

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