Thursday, November 30, 2006


Prefect Slog
With apologies to Simon Bucher Jones, maestro of the CS5M...
...and to the tune of Abba's "Mamma Mia".
You have been warned.


I’ve been writing like mad since I don’t know when
Now December is here, it must come to an end
Look at me now, now I’m nearly there
I don’t know how but I think I might reach my goal
There’s a fire within my soul
One more page! and I can sit back and sigh
One more K! and if I get RSI, o-o-o-oh

NaNoWriMo, now I’ve reached the end
My my, feels like it’s been ages
NaNoWriMo, fifty thousand words
Oh my, that’s a lot of pages
Sleep-lessness and detractors
Bore-dom and other factors
Why, why did I ever have a crack?
NaNoWriMo, thirty bloody days
My my, I can never get them back.

I’ve been suffering blocks and unable to write
Could not do dialogue and my prose was a fright
But every year, at around this time
And even though November is not that long
And still it could all go wrong.
Just one month! and you can turn it around
No safe bet! but the theory is sound, o-o-o-oh

NaNoWriMo, here I go again
My my, last time I did 10 K
NaNoWriMo, did the same again?
No way, I topped Fifty One K
Yes, I’ve been close to burned out
Making my daily word count
But I’m - glad I went and had a go
NaNoWriMo, now I need a nap
Woo hoo, now I have a novel
NaNoWriMo, it’s a book I’ll get
Pub – lished, if I have to grovel!

NaNoWriMo, here I go again
Woo hoo, its been validated
NaNoWriMo, sing it once again
Just needs, to be celebrated
Yes, it’s a pointless pursuit
And you can end up hirsute
Why, why did I never stop to shave?
NaNoWriMo, now I’m really done
Thank God, I was running out of rhymes.

See, that's what happens when I finish with time to spare.

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