Friday, December 01, 2006

Ghost Writer

Prefect Slog
This is, of course, one of those news items in which I can neither disclose any details nor tell you anything of any consequence. Still, the word 'commission' is such a nice one that it needs to be aired and shared, and since I've recently won a commission (there it is again!) to write the first volume in a series of books, about which I can say no more at this stage, here I am airing and sharing. It is a ghost-writing assignment, and so my name won't appear, but hopefully that won't prevent me from publicising it as and when my lips can be unsealed. So, woo and hoo, in equal measures!


Stuart Douglas said...

Oooh - congratulations Simon!

Ghost wirting seems to be the in-thing nowadays - the literary equivalent of Prada handbags (or something) :-)

SAF said...

Yes, and ghost writers were something I never really believed in until now ;) Thanks, Stuart.