Monday, July 30, 2007

Good News Is No News

Those of you with memories that stretch back to December of last year may recall me dropping hints about a ghost writing project, which basically involved me being commissioned to write the first volume in a series of children's books, about which I could reveal very little at the time. Well, a full announcement lingers on the horizon, but for the present, there have been further developments - and I can at least reveal that I've now been commissioned to write the second volume as well! Since I'll be doing my best to complete a couple of other projects alongside, it should make for a 'challenging' deadline, but I get the feeling it's also going to be fun. It will probably mean a couple of lean news months here on my blog, but rest assured that, once I'm given the green light to say more, I'll be plastering it all over here. In neon.


Stuart Douglas said...

Busy, busy, busy - it's nice to see the life of a full-time author is not entirely one of grape-peeling and bathing in asses' milk.

SAF said...

No, the hard truth is that the most time I spend in the company of asses is on Quibble, and none of them lactate, as far as I know. :)

IZP said...

Hurray for you.
Asses milk isn't ideal for cleaning yourself up I find. Cheesy crevices.