Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday, Touchstone & Viola

Far be it from me to confine my foolishness to one day in April, least of all the sentimental type. So in the interests of foolish sentimentality, I just felt like posting two pics of our kitties, Touchstone (the handsome fellow in black-and-white) and Viola (the pretty tortoiseshell princess) in rare contemplative and, crucially for photographic purposes, still mode, by way of marking their second birthday. Happy Birthday to them. Non-cat-lovers may find all this nauseating, of course, but believe me when I say it's not the intention. Merely a bonus. :)


iCowboy said...

Now is that 2 in cat years or 2 in human years?

Thanks to the billions invested in Google (and I can't believe I typed in this search query) - it's 1 human year to 7 cat years.

Which means congratulations, you have a pair of teenagers in the house. They'll be moody, coming in late with their girlfriends/boyfriends and painting the bedroom black before long.

SAF said...

iCowboy: "and painting the bedroom black before long."

They are indeed teenagers (i.e. 2 in cat years), but when it comes to paint, their preferred approach seems to peel it off the walls, rather than apply new colours. :)

Stuart Douglas said...

I know nothing about cats, but I have plenty of experience of teenagers and I can safely say that a teenage strop can also strip the paint from the wall :)