Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Prefect Reads: Chick-Lit

Here we are again with more recommended reads from authonomy, Harper Collins' website that's dedicated to finding all the fresh new talent out there. The good news so far is that, whatever their dedication to the task, I've certainly found some myself.

And although before I'd even heard of authonomy my reading tastes were nicely varied, one of the aspects I've commented on has been the broadening of my reading horizons. Now I'm not afraid to say that I have *sampled* some chick-lit before, but to be honest found that not much of it was any good. The following are a few examples to be found on the site that not only struck me as far better than the little I'd sampled previously, but they were good enough to cast off that rather confining chick-lit label. You can still see why they are aimed at that section of the readership, but to say their appeal was limited to a single gender would be like saying sci-fi was only for aliens.

These are good reads, period. And between them offer a great deal of variety across their genre.

Coffee At Kowalskis by Miranda Dickinson

Warm, funny, at least as friendly as Central Perk, this was so good it promoted Kowalskis to my favourite cafe, even though the one I normally visit is non-fictional. Rosie is happy at Kowalski's florists in New York - until her past catches up with her. Romantic comedy with a cast of memorable characters. Authoress, Miranda, is also a talented singer/songwriter, so I for one will be buying her album as well as her book when they are released. Check out her song for yourselves, maybe listen while you read.

Carry Me Away by Robb Grindstaff

This was such an emotional and heartfelt journey, I honestly had trouble reading it the first time I visited it, because of the emotional day I was having. But it's a rich and moving story and much more substantial than it's chosen chick-lit label might have you believe. A teenage girl believes she will die before she has a chance to grow up. Stunningly good, but read with tissues at the ready.

Don't Forget Your Lucky Pants by Katrina Twitchett

If you enjoyed Bridget Jones, this is better. If you, like me, never read Bridget Jones and couldn't see what all the fuss surrounding the movies was about, this is - rather obviously - infinitely better. Armed with integrity, wit and a pair of lucky pants, Molly battles bravely through her hilarious teenage existence. Then her mother dies. Life seems impossible. Very very funny, but also with a lot of heart. These pants carry both the Young Adult and the chick-lit label, I am neither and I loved it. One size fits all, I guess, with these pants.

Back tomorrow with more.

Happy reading!

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