Monday, November 17, 2008

Prefect Reads: Humour

Continuing our daily series, pointing you to a selection of the best reads from authonomy, Harper Collins' site for stray authors and readers in search of something - don't take my word for it, see for yourselves - generally better than they can find on the bookstore shelves.

First up, one of my earlier discoveries on the site.

Punchline by Paul Fenton.

A cutting, brilliant black comedy that begins from a perspective that will strike a chord in the heart of every writer. And since everyone allegedly has at least one book inside them, we are all writers, so everyone stands to get something from this book. Publishing is a cut-throat business, but plagiarism can be murder. Brilliantly insightful, keenly barbed wit and a premise that, because we can so readily relate to its starting point, sweeps us along with it no matter where it spirals.

Secondly, if you're a Scot and you smoke, you'll love this next one. Equally if, like me, you're from somewhere else and you've never smoked, you'll probably love it just as much.

Tartare by M Trevelean.

Edinburgh, March 2006. The smoking ban begins across Scotland. Many smokers would kill to give up cigarettes. Edgar Ferrol will. Again, wonderfully black - black as a chain smoker's lung - and very funny, this isn't only for smokers, it's a great exploration of addictions, bad habits and the extremes to which we might go.

So I do thoroughly recommend you go give either or both of these a read and, if you happen to concur with my own take on them, give them your backing with even a temporary residency on your virtual authonomy bookshelf.

Back tomorrow with more recommendations for you.

Happy reading.

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